Welcome to Wilbanks Paints and Pasos

Welcome to Wilbanks Paints and Pasos The Paso Fino Horse
A distinctive breed which possesses a classic beauty and style uniquely its own. The Paso Fino is a horse for all seasons, a horse for all climates and a horse for many diverse purposes. Thought by many to be the most exciting breed in America today, the Paso Fino is distinguished by its natural four beat gait, beautiful flowing mane and tail, graceful carriage and incredibly smooth ride.

We invite you into Wilbanks Paints and Pasos Farm, a place of wonder, of excitement and of fun. A place where we envision the future Paso Fino in it's most perfected state...in the form of the babies we breed to the Champions we stand.

Come and discover the Paso Fino.

Owners: Dorothy & Robert Wilbanks
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